Weather Station Information

Location:  River Grove - South Merritt Island, FL - a barrier island located between the Banana and Indian Rivers in East Central Florida.  Rockledge is to the west, and South Cocoa Beach is to the east.  Exact Location:  28.3 N  80.7 W

Weather Station:  Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless - The anemometer is 4.5 feet above the roof line (or 26.5 feet above ground level), mounted on a heavy-duty antenna mast with a wireless transmitter.  Its legs and mast are screwed into the roof trusses with lag screws so it is able to withstand strong hurricane force winds.  The base station (rain collector, humidity sensor, and thermometer) is mounted on a 10 foot antenna mast set two feet in the ground.  The barometer is 22 feet above sea level.  Our house is 18 feet above sea level.  Data is collected from the wireless Davis Weather Envoy (USB) connected to a PC which uploads the data to my web site.

Weather Station Software:  Weather Display and Weather Display Live

The data from our weather station is uploaded to Weather Underground and APRSWXNET.


                                          The anemometer is mounted on the back side of the house so the tripod is not visible from the front.


                      Anemometer as seen from the front of the house                              Base station located in the back yard 8 feet above ground level.


                                                                                                        Hurricane Season - 2004