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East-Central FL Observations

KSC Meteogram Patrick AFB Meteogram Melbourne Meteogram
KSC Observations Patrick AFB Observations Melbourne Observations
Cape Canaveral Sounding and KSC Wind Profilers Cape Canaveral Skew T Another Cape Canaveral Skew T
Cape Canaveral SPC Skew T Analysis    


East-Central FL MOS Forecasts

Shuttle Landing MOS Patrick AFB MOS Melbourne MOS


East-Central FL Sounding Forecasts

NAM Sounding Forecast - Cape Canaveral Patrick MAPS Sounding Patrick RUC Sounding

ARL (Good Winds)

Make your own NAM Animated
NASA RUC DuPage Sounding Machine


National Forecast Sites

SPC Home Page

HPC Home Page

NWS Precipitation Analysis

National Current Advisories/Warnings University of WY Maps  


National Observations

U.S. Metars

Aviation Weather Center - Metars, etc.

U.S. Meteograms by Region

More U.S. Meteograms

Difax Maps

Current Surface Observations

More Current Surface Observations

More Current Surface Observations

Mandatory Level Plots

Skew Ts including Archives Skew Ts from RAP Skew Ts from Ohio State
Upper Air Data (Skew T's, Heights, etc.) Misc. Upper Air Links Unisys Upper Data Details
Air Resource Labarotory    


SREF Model Info

SREF Confidence PSU E-Wall SREF Page  


Misc. Model Info.

MOS Data from PSU

NGM MOS by Station Location

NGM MOS, etc. from FSU


Univ. of Wyoming Model Forecast Page

RAP Model Info.

Guide to Decoding MOS Data

GFS Cloud Forecast

NAM Sounding Forecasts

RUC Sounding Forecasts

Environmental Modeling Center

Mesoscale Modeling

Forecast Charts Grid Interpolations

San Jose - GFS - nice


FOUS Info.


TAMU Ohio State 
FOUS Station List    


US Temp/Dew Point Forecasts

U.S. Forecasted High Temp.

U.S. Forecasted Low Temp.

U.S. Dew Points


Climate Data

Melbourne, FL Climate Data

US Climate Data by State  


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TAFB Home Page

Weather Dictionary

Temp. Conversions

Wind Speed Conversions

Time Conversions

Federal Meteo. Handbook

Landform Atlas of the 50 States

Mapping Info.

Shuttle Launch Weather Criteria

Earth Science Picture of the Day

Station Model

Time Conversions

World Clock

Radar FAQ

Ocean Prediction Center

Weather Symbols Explained

More Weather Symbols Explained

Station List
AMS Glossary NWS Offices

TX A&M Weather Interface

Decoding MOS

Decoding METARs